We supply Quiedan Hoop Houses Nationwide


We also supply Saltus Composite Poles Nationwide


Everything we offer can be customized in multiple ways


We will be with you throughout your journey with Quiedan NZ


We searched the world for a proven system that’s right for New Zealand.

We are suppliers of a proven system, that's covering more than 1000 hectares in the USA and Australia.

Built from long-life materials, Quiedan covered canopies use a flexible, modular design that is easily configured to suit a range of growing conditions.

Easy to install, the removable anchors also allow for easy relocation to suit your production system.

We supply the complete Quiedan kit for fast and easy construction, including framing, fittings and covers.

You can install your Quiedan canopy using a small team, or we can help arrange a contract installer.

Test Avocado Tunnel

New Avocado Orchard

Maungatapere Berries

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