We searched the world for a proven system that’s right for New Zealand.

We are suppliers of a proven system, that's covering more than 1000 hectares in the USA and Australia.

Developed in the Californian and European berry fields to protect valuable crops from rough weather, covered canopies are delivering growers a financial bonus through higher yields, better fruit quality, and improved pest and disease management. Today, covered canopies, also known as high tunnels, are widely used around the world to drive orchard productivity and improve financial returns. A leading developer of high-strength covered canopy systems has been Californian-based Quiedan.


With 35-years’ experience in supplying steel support structures to the horticultural industry, Quiedan has a long association with helping land owners increase orchard profitability.

We are proud to be able to offer the Quiedan covered canopy system to New Zealand growers. With more than 1000 hectares under cover, Quiedan delivers a wealth of technical knowledge, with a robust, modular system that can be easily configured to cover a range of crops grown in New Zealand.