Developed to compete with wood on cost, but to outcompete wood when it comes to cost and weight. 


The internationally patented design aims at low cost to compete with the price of wood and addresses the following problems of wood and concrete poles:


Wooden poles

Concrete poles

Durability & quality becoming an ever-increasing problem

Rotting of wood


Leaching of creosote or CCA into the soil

Supply problems


Termite & rodent infestation

Uniformity of product


Concrete poles

Heavy handling & installation

High percentage of breakages during installation due to brittleness

Degradation & corrosion 

Supply problems


Saltus Poles are engineered application-specific and are cost-competitive with conventional materials: 

When compared to conventional wood and steel materials, Saltus composite poles offer the following advantages:

  1. Low weight significantly reduces installation costs.

  2. Durability that lead to lower maintenance costs - Saltus Poles are coated for UV protection and inert to moisture and fertilizer chemicals that cause wood to rot and steel to rust.

  3. Engineered support specifically developed for the intended application.

  4. Lower installation and maintenance cost result in lower overall lifecycle cost and higher profitability.

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